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Colombine All In One

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Composition: Grit, redstone, oats, flint, coral algae, egg biscuit, soya meal, breadcrumbs, maize flour, salt, red millet, white millet, canary seed, colza, sugars, milo, broken rice, sunflower seed fibre, elderberry, carrots, vegetable oil, lime, brewer’s yeast, adzuki beans, linseed, rapeseed, yellow millet, wheat, cranberry, MOS, sodium bicarbonate, lecithin.

Analytical Constituents: Crude Ash 68.5% (34.5% ash insoluble in HCI), calcium 12.5%, sodium 0.80%, phosphorous 0.25%, lysine 0.25% methionine 0.15% Additives p/kg: Nutritional Additives: Vitamin A (3a672a) 7550iu, Vitamin D3 E671 1350iu, Vitamin E (3a700) 93mg, Iron (ferrous sulphate monohydrate E1) 210mg, Iron (ferric oxide E1) 201mg, iodine (3b202 calcium iodate anhydrous) 4.5mg, Copper (cupric sulphate pentahydrate E4) 16mg, Manganese (manganous oxide E5)38.5mg, Zinc (3b603 zinc oxide) 43mg, Selenium (E8 Sodium seleniye) 0.07mg, L-seleno-methionine (3b815) 0.1mg, L-carnitine (3a910) 0.85mg.

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