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Beyers Electrolytes 500gm

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Beyers Electrolytes 500gm


  • 5 gr / 2 l of drinking water.
  • During racing season: Upon arrival back home and possibly the day after too (especially in case of high temperatures).
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Beyers Olympia 48

Beyers Olympia 48 - Breeding and Youngsters (without Maize)

25 kg

Beyers Olympia 48 is a high-quality mixture for breeding pigeons and for youngsters without maize, but with the addition of red sorgho and dari, which contain a higher content of proteins compared to maize. The presence of a variety of 38.5% legumes (dun peas, small green peas, vetches, small yellow peas and winter peas) ensures the right balance of proteins that your pigeons need during the breeding period. Olympia 48 is ideal for the breeding season and for the rearing of youngsters.  
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Beyers Garlic Juice – 400ml

  • Supports the metabolism and helps to strengthen the natural resistance.
  • Has a blood purifying effect.
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Beyers Picking Block

BEYERS PICKING BLOCK 6 x 650gm MINERAL MIXTURE FOR PIGEONS BASED ON SEASHELL GRIT, CLAY, REDSTONE, STOMACH GRAVEL, MILLET AND BREWER’S YEAST  Beyers picking block is incredibly important for the pigeon’s digestion as the grit represents the pigeon’s ‘teeth’. It  exclusively consists of natural ingredients and contains essential minerals, oligo elements and salts to complement the pigeons’ food.
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Harkers Hormoform

Hormoform for racing pigeons is a leading pigeon feed supplement and is designed to fill any shortfall in the staple diet, whether breeding, racing or during the moult. Natural source of carbohydrates and fibre – increasing palatability and aiding digestion High levels of essential amino acids – aids muscle growth, promotes better feathering and improves egg/chick size and vitality Contains essential fatty acids that cannot be reproduced by the body – aids cellular repair, promotes better eyesight when flying and improves fertility and hatchability High in vitamins – promotes strong bones and increases protein synthesis, leading to improved flight ability
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Beyers Premium Jelle Jellema

Beyers Premium Jelle Jellema is a versatile all-round mixture composed of 21 high-quality ingredients. With minor adaptations, this can be used as feed throughout the year by fanciers of long-distance racing:   -During the winter/rest period and racing season for short distances supplemented by paddy rice. Paddy rice has a high content of crude fibre (5-7%) and contain lots of nutritional fibre that helps to regulate intestinal passage and good digestion. -During the breeding and moulting season and for longer distances, supplemented with PREMIUM JELLE JELLEMA POWER for providing the higher fat and protein needs.
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Beyers Premium Wal Zoontjiens Yellow

Beyers Premium Wal Zoontjens Yellow - 25 kg

  • Easily digestible base mixture.
  • Ideal basis for feeding systems in combination with the more rich in fat BEYERS mixtures.
    • Middle and long distance: in combination with PREMIUM SUPER WIDOWHOOD (optionally supplemented with PREMIUM SUPER ENERGY) so that the pigeons are able to bear a greater burden and can also be basketed between the biweekly day-long flights.
    • Long distance: a perfect mixture for the rest period between two long distance flights and can be combined with the GALAXY LONG DISTANCE TT in preparation of the flight
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Beyers Amin-Vita 400ml

Beyers Amin-Vita 400ml

COMPLEX OF ALL ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS AND VITAMINS Beyers Amin-Vita contains all essential amino acids (arginine, phenylalaline, histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, threonine, tryptophan and valine), as well as a broad range of vitamins (A-D3-E-B1-B2-B3-B5-B6-B12-C-K3-choline and biotin). Amin-Vita will help to keep your pigeons in optimal condition. It is an excellent food supplement during the moulting season, when your pigeons will have an increased need for amino acids and, in particular, sulphur containing amino acids, as they are busy growing their new plumage at this time.
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Beyers Loft Granules – 16kg

  • When the pigeons droppings fall on the granules, they dry in no time, which stops the contamination cycle by parasites to dry the droppings and stops maturation of the oocysts of coccidiosis. Moreover the granules absorb the smell of the droppings.
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