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Whole Wheat – 20kg

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Whole wheat is the staple ingredient in many animal feeds, particularly poultry and some wild bird mixes.

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Weight 20 kg


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Chick Crumbs – 20kg

Chick Crumb for young poultry is a complementary feeding stuff for poultry chicks from hatching to around 6 weeks of age.   Refill Feeders as needed after cleaning away any unwanted debris. Always provide fresh drinking water.  
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Poultry Growers Pellets – 20kg

A complete feed for chickens from 6 weeks of age up to point of lay with extra protein and calcium to aid healthy growth. Refill feeders as needed after clearing away unwanted debris. Always ensure fresh water is available. Store in a cool, dry place. Composition: Wheat, Wheatfeed, hipro soya bean extract (GM*2), barley, calcium carbonate, blended vegetable oils, mono calcium phosphate, sodium chloride, DL-methionine. Veg oils containing BHA & EC permitted antioxidants. Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein 16%, Crude Fibre 5%, Crude Ash 6%, Crude Fat 3.3%, Total Copper 24mg/kg, Phosphorous 0.56%, Methionine 0.35%, Sodium 0.15%, Calcium 1.01%, Lysine 0.66% Additives p/kg: Vitamins: Vit A (3a672a) 13500iu, Vit D3 (3a671) 4000iu, Vit E (3a700) 50mg, Biotin 75ug. Trace Elements: Iron (3b103) 20mg, Copper (3b405) 15mg, Iodine (3b202) 2.0mg, Manganese (3b502) 70mg, Zinc (3b603) 70mg, Selenium E8 0.2mg. Digestibility Enhancers/Enzymes: 6-Phytase (4a18) 1000FTU,  Endo-1.4 beta glucanase (4a16021) 64FYT, Endo-1.4 (4a1607) 216FYT, Endo-1.3 (4a10621) 56ku
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Chicken Garden Blend – 20kg

Our Chicken Garden Blend is a complementary poultry feed and is a deluxe mix of layers pellets, wheat, split peas, cut maize and flint grit. It is fast becoming our most popular chicken feed as it provides all their nutritional needs in one convenient deluxe daily feed. Refill the feeders as needed after cleaning out any debris left behind. Always provide fresh drinking water. Store in a cool, dry place.
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Red Dari (Milo) – 20kg

Red dari seeds are a good source of carbohydrate and protein for birds, favoured by doves, pigeons and finches.
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Cut Maize – 20kg

Cut maize is chopped up in our Norfolk Mill from the finest French whole maize and is ideal to give your chicken's eggs an all natural pigment to the yolk.
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Resting Pigeon Mix – 20kg

This complementary racing pigeon feed is an all year round economy mix that can be used particularly throughout the winter when the racing pigeon is using less energy. Ideal for keeping the weight and condition in top form during the resting season.  
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Tic Beans – 20kg

Tic beans are a staple for racing pigeon mixes, being high in both protein and fats, they are particularly needed during the racing season.
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Safflower Seeds

Safflower Seeds are actually a member of the thistle family, despite resembling the sunflower seeds in appearance and their nutritional composition.
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Mixed Pulses – 20kg

Mixed Pulses is a blend of our own making with all the good Carbohydrates from Dari, Tares, Peas and Mung Beans, and is an ideal daily feed for racing pigeons or doves.
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Hemp – 20kg

Hemp Seed - 20kg bag   100% pure hemp seed cleaned and packed in Norfolk.
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