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Beyers Premium Vandenabeele

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Beyers Premium Vandenabeele


Small cribbs maize – extra white dari – safflower – paddy rice – mung beans – White wheat – peeled oats – extra red sorghum – barley – rapeseed – linseed  – buckwheat

Analytical constituents

Carbohydrates 58,90% – crude protein 10,74% – crude fat 8,49% – crude fibre 9,39% – crude ash 1,93% – lysine 0,35% – phosphor 0,23% – methionine 0,17% – calcium 0,03%

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Weight 20 kg
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Beyers Galaxy Breeding

Beyers Galaxy Breeding - 20 kg

  Beyers Galaxy Breeding mix is a versatile mixture with small Cribb maize, maize Bordeaux, small peas, katjang idjoe, toasted soya beans and a wide range of fatty seeds. Galaxy Breeding is a combination of high protein content with high fat content: perfect growth of young pigeons with soft feathers. Also ideal for pigeons played on the natural system.
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Beyers Urtica-Chlorella Mineral Mix

Beyers Urtica-Chlorella Mineral Mix - 5kg

  • The nettle (botanical name = Urtica dioica) is well known for its blood purifying and anti-allergic properties. It stimulates the separation of acids and waste products from the muscles. Plus the nettle is also rich in calcium and iron.
  • The freshwater algae Chlorella (botanical name = Chlorella pyrenoidosa) is well known for its high content of chlorophyll. Dried chlorella has a protein content of 60%. These proteins contribute to your pigeons’ muscle development.
  • This, combined with the grit and clay products, the small and fat-rich seeds with highly digestible protein content (rape seed black, linseed, safflower seed, sesame seed, mungbeans, ….) have resulted in Urtica Chlorella Mineral Mix being a very versatile product, which should form part of your pigeons’ daily care and will help you to keep them in top condition.
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Beyers Detox Mineral Mix – 8 KG

Beyers Detox Mineral Mix - 8 KG

Beyers Detox Mineral Mix is a high quality grit & mineral mixture, supplemented with selected cereals and seeds; a carefully formulated combination of herbs and clay products that help rid the body of waste materials. The composition of this mixture ensures better absorption of nutrients, allowing a more efficient build up to optimum condition. The supplement of the selected cereals and seeds (Marian thistle, chia and perilla) has a positive effect on the general functioning of the liver, they are rich in Omega- 3 fatty acids and are highly natural anti-oxidants, which improves the entire immune system. Beyers Detox Mineral Mix contains charcoal and Natural Carbon Clay, a 100% natural detoxifying product that consists of a combination of kaolin (alumino silicate), carbon and huminic acids. It protects the mucus layer in the intestines, preventing the attack of pathogens as well as enabling a good intake of substances through the intestinal cells. Huminic acids play an important role in maintaining the acid-base balance in the right mineral foods.
  • Enriched with curcuma, in which the effective substance curcuminoid, has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the liver and digestion.
  • A combination of herbs (thyme, garlic, dandelion root, coriander leaf, oregano and coneflower) ensures a beneficial effect on digestion and the immune system.
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Beyers Enzymix 7/78

Beyers Enzymix 7/78 MS Sport Diet

20 kg

Beyers Enzymix 7/78 MS Sports Diet is easily digestible, but rich in protein and fat-rich diet mixture for pigeons during the racing season. Enzymix 7/78 contains 22% cardy, 5% paddy rice, 5% pigeon rice, 5% hemp, 5% linseed, 5% buckwheat and 3% mung beans. At the beginning of the week, during the racing season, these ensure rapid recovery and build-up for the next flight.
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Beyers Super Widowhood

Beyers Premium Super Widowhood

20 kg

  Beyers Super Widowhood is a racing mixture for pigeons, with small cribbs maize and toasted soya as a source of easily digestible proteins. It contains top quality ingredients with optimal nutritional value, which guarantees optimal absorption of the mixture. Used by many top fanciers in the beginning of the week in combination with PREMIUM VANDENABEELE or ORIGINAL 24 – SUPERDIET and supplemented with PREMIUM SUPER ENERGY or PREMIUM BRILLIANT the last feeds before basketing for flights more than 6 hours.
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Beyers Amin-Vita 400ml

Beyers Amin-Vita 400ml

COMPLEX OF ALL ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS AND VITAMINS Beyers Amin-Vita contains all essential amino acids (arginine, phenylalaline, histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, threonine, tryptophan and valine), as well as a broad range of vitamins (A-D3-E-B1-B2-B3-B5-B6-B12-C-K3-choline and biotin). Amin-Vita will help to keep your pigeons in optimal condition. It is an excellent food supplement during the moulting season, when your pigeons will have an increased need for amino acids and, in particular, sulphur containing amino acids, as they are busy growing their new plumage at this time.
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Beyers Premium Wal Zoontjiens Yellow

Beyers Premium Wal Zoontjens Yellow - 25 kg

  • Easily digestible base mixture.
  • Ideal basis for feeding systems in combination with the more rich in fat BEYERS mixtures.
    • Middle and long distance: in combination with PREMIUM SUPER WIDOWHOOD (optionally supplemented with PREMIUM SUPER ENERGY) so that the pigeons are able to bear a greater burden and can also be basketed between the biweekly day-long flights.
    • Long distance: a perfect mixture for the rest period between two long distance flights and can be combined with the GALAXY LONG DISTANCE TT in preparation of the flight
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Beyers Olympia 48

Beyers Olympia 48 - Breeding and Youngsters (without Maize)

25 kg

Beyers Olympia 48 is a high-quality mixture for breeding pigeons and for youngsters without maize, but with the addition of red sorgho and dari, which contain a higher content of proteins compared to maize. The presence of a variety of 38.5% legumes (dun peas, small green peas, vetches, small yellow peas and winter peas) ensures the right balance of proteins that your pigeons need during the breeding period. Olympia 48 is ideal for the breeding season and for the rearing of youngsters.  
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Beyers Galaxy Sports Energy

Beyers Galaxy Sport Energy

20 kg

Beyers Galaxy Sports Energy is extremely rich in fat and proteins (without peas), ideal for the last feeding times before the basking of flights of > 400 km. The peeled sunflower seeds in this mixture (10%), very rich in fat, help the pigeon take on sufficient nutrients. The 6 different types of maize meet the requirement of carbohydrates, and 18 different types of seeds and grains meet the increased requirement of fats.
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