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Seed & Peanut Feeder

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The Norfolk Seed & Peanut Feeder made by Supa. Measures 9″ in height and 7.5″ long with both a seed and peanut compartment.

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Wildbird Peanut Feeder – Hamilton

Wildbird Feeder by Supa is an easy fill feeder for peanuts. Made entirely of metal for a premium feel, it has a wide opening at the top to allow for easy cleaning and refilling. Contemporary house shaped wild bird peanut feeder. Available in a variety of colours. These feeders are sure to enhance any garden with their "good looks" but functional nature.
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Caged Seed Feeder

Caged Seed Feeder, by Supa is designed to repel squirrels with its sturdy metal cage. It houses a standard 2 port seed feeder within, and the metal flip top lid allows easy access for refilling and cleaning.
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Seed Feeder – 2 Port

This 2 port seed feeder by Supa is an economical and reliable feeder. It measures 8" in height and will hold a wide variety of seed mixes for your wild birds.
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Wildbird Supa Feeder – Devonshire

Contemporay Seed feeder with plenty of panache. Easy on the eye but very functional, sure to add a touch of style to a garden.
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Wildbird Supa Feeder – Rutland

Traditional style tube seed feeders available in a range of contemporary colours.
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Wildbird Supa Feeder – Cottage

Supa Premium Wild Bird Feeder Cottage is 26.5cm long with 2 feeding stations.  The Wide mouth hopper design offers Easy-Fill to reduce or eliminate spillage. Both feeding stations can be configured to accommodate Niger (thistle), mixed seed or sunflower seeds by flipping side walls. Unique adjustable depth perches allow you to tailor the feeder to attract the birds you want. Easy Clean feature: Sidewalls remove to allow quick and easy cleaning. 1.8Kg capacity
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Wildbird Supa Feeder – Metal Seed Feeder

This high quality seed feeder is an excellent metal feeder for attracting a wide variety of birds to your garden, when used with a high quality seed mix.
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Wildbird Supa Feeder – Montrose

Contemporary house shaped seed feeder. Available in a range of colours. A feeders that will add a touch of style to any garden while still being very functional.
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Peanut feeder by Supa

This high quality Peanut feeder is an excellent, value for money, metal feeder for attracting a wide variety birds including; tits, greenfinches, house sparrows, nuthatches, great spotted woodpeckers and siskins to your garden.
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Gloucester Seed Feeder

The Gloucester Seed Feeder comes in two lovely designs, either a black and white butterfly or red and white ladybird. It has a larger tube and stands at 10" high, so plenty of room for any variety of seed mixes. The feeding tube is all metal with a plastic lid and base. The 4 protected perches will keep your feeder in tip top condition.
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