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Chudleys Original

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Zero rated for VAT.
Muesli equivalent of Chudleys Classic.

15kg bag

Size of dog

Optimum mature weight

Daily requirement (g)



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Foldhill Essential Working Dog Food 15kg

Fold Hill Essential Working Dog is a complete food for dogs, specially formulated to keep your dog in a fit active condition. Contains balanced protein and carbohydrates to give working dogs sustained energy release throughout the day. Vitamin and mineral enriched and essential oils and fats are present to help enhance the development of a healthy skin and coat. Fold Hill Essential Working Dog is a complete, balanced daily maintenance diet for all adult dogs.
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Chudleys Classic

Keeps him working all day long! Formulated specifically to meet the unique nutritional requirements of the working dog. Ideal for dogs in light work, those that maintain weight easily or during rest periods. Supports overall performance in terms of energy, stamina & quick recovery after a busy day. Chicken rich nugget with an appetising aroma to help support weight maintenance.
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Versele Laga Opti-Life Salmon

Balanced dog food skin & coat - salmon - medium & large breed Opti Adult Skin Care Medium&Maxi for medium- and large-sized breeds (>10 kg) is a nutritionally perfectly balanced formula based on salmon and rice which will make your dog´s skin and coat radiate with health.  
  • Unique formula: without gluten & 74% of the proteins are of animal origin, smooth digestion & good droppings
  • Ideal with a dull coat or dry skin, for exhibition
  • Added taurine to support the heart function
  • • If you think that your dog might have a sensitive skin, then always consult a vet • Make sure there is plenty of fresh drinking water • Switch to Opti Life Senior Medium&Maxi at about seven years of age dogs or after a period of illness
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Versele Laga Opti Life Light


82% of the proteins present are of animal origin and, in combination with rice, they also ensure a smooth digestion and a good consistency of the droppings. The very tasty composition does not contain any gluten, so without wheat or maize. This reduces the risk of food allergies and intolerances.


It is known that in mini breeds the size of the pellet is vital for a smooth ingestion and good digestion. The pellet of just 9 mm is ideal for the adult mini dog and ensures a good basic oral hygiene.


Opti Life Sterilised/Light formula contains L-carnitine to control your dog's body weight. L-carnitine plays an important role in fat burning in the body and thus helps your dog regain its ideal weight.
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Gluten Free Chicken & Rice 15kg

Our Gluten Free Chicken & Rice Complete dog food is made exclusively for Van Der L Feeds and is one of our best selling dog foods. This wheat gluten free recipe is rich in chicken and has added glucosamine, chondroitin and green lipped mussels for joint support, and prebiotics and natural antioxidants to support the immune system.
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Chudleys Puppy

Complete nutrition right from the start! Specifically formulated to nutritionally support the first stages of life, from 2-3 weeks until approx 16wks old. Moderate energy levels to encourage steady growth rates Provides all of the vital nutrients for correct muscle & bone development. Omega 3 fatty acids to support neural development & learning ability. Prebiotics to promote digestive health. Immune support package to sustain young puppies during this key stage of development.
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